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Mandurah Hub Bub & Smart Street Prototype Festival

  • Mandurah, WA Australia (map)

Come along this weekend and next to check out the installations along Mandjar Square and Smart Street Mall all promoting a more vibrant streetscape in Mandurah!

Check out all the prototypes and vote for your favourite using the hashtags below!

1. Scopic
The kaleido/telescope is an interactive piece that playfully distorts the familiar Mandurah landscape while raising awareness of environmental issues. Outwardly it is a regular telescope but inside is a kaleidoscope and a special lens filled with fishing related litter. 
The experience of looking into it is fun, beautiful and thought provoking.
Produced by: Angela Allen, Jess Hart & Carmen Sayer
Instagram Vote: #scopicshape

2. Where have all the fish gone?
Your typical old sea dog who sits on the jetty and tries his luck each evening. He is hooked to a piece of rubbish to portray a message about potential future environmental concerns.
Produced by: ricky gibson
Instagram Vote: #fishermanshape

3. The big cubby house
It’s a right of passage in childhood to build a cubby out of old cardboard boxes, and this project is going to give Mandurah kids the chance to build THE BIG ONE!! Using a huge collection of donated and scavenged boxes, of all sizes and shapes, we are going to build a fort, a town, a maze ... Whatever the public wants to make with safety box cutters, sticky tape, and their imagination.
Produced by: helen coleman
Instagram Vote: #cubbyhouseshape

4. Daisy chain
Arches of brightly coloured tubing will link together my interpretation of daisies, which will be created by clusters of chairs. The daisy centre within each cluster will be a fun representation of nature.
Come sit and reflect or make your very own connections with others.
Produced by: John draper
Instagram Vote: #daisychainshape

5. Tree charms
Reflective and fun sights and sounds will be arranged throughout the avenue of trees in Smart St Mall. Let’s aim to make a better connection between nature and our surrounding urban spaces.
Produced by: ryan fussell
Instagram Vote: #treecharmshape

6. The bright brick road
Colour allows us to feel alive and bring spaces to life. come check out the transformed Tuckey Lane with a beautiful community public art trail.
Produced by: Tahnee Kelland
Instagram Vote: #brightbrickroadshape
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7. Community cupboard
Take a book and leave a book. It’s about building community and involvement. Sparking creativity. Allowing people to meet over the common thread of reading and sharing.
Produced by: Candice Di Prinzio
Instagram Vote: #communitycupboardshape

8. The Swing
Do you remember a more simple time when we spent hours hanging out on a childhood swing surrounded by a garden of blossoming native plants and experiencing beautiful senses, which nature provided...
Produced by: Tahnee Kelland
Instagram Vote: #theswingshape

9. The crab walk
Follow the artistic crabs around mandurah as they tell an insightful children’s story about the history of Mandurah.
Produced by: Sherri Smith
Instagram Vote: #crabwalkshape