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Daek William - The Sword and Society

  • Linton & Kay Gallery 137 St Georges Terrace Perth, WA, 6000 Australia (map)

Daek William is one of Perth's hardest working urban artists right now, with murals located across the city both on public walls and within various bars including Five in Mount Lawley and Lot Twenty in Northbridge. His upcoming gallery exhibition, "The Sword and Society", is happening at Linton & Kay Galleries from 1 - 14 August and we can't wait to check it out!

Daek writes,  "The new collection of work I am creating delves into a world of mythology fantasy and imagination. A contemporary twist of the renaissance era where story telling drove fantasy, creating a society of characters that play with fables told time and time again. Like The Fortune Teller predicting your future of new found love, whether it be of luck or with a potion, the traveller seeks wonders of  the universe and the voyage to a new world. 

The sword is an analogy for myself - I am the sword the brush is the sword . I use this analogy to create a society of characters based on people within my own society, from our own city, through photorealistic paintings of people with detailed objects that reflect the story being told. 
Creating a world of characters and highly detailed paintings of this mythology and fantasy for myself was about telling beautiful stories that I have grown up to know leaving the current state of the everyday grind to stop and bring people into their child-like wonders and imagination that we all still possess but are likely to get clouded with the reality of growing up. I hope the viewers are ready to leave their stresses and worries at the door and delve into the wonder and play on fables that once upon a time rung true to society, 
As with everything, the more you do it the better it gets. The work has progressed in my own eyes and I feel I am sounding in on my style in which the paintings are becoming much more detailed and the portraiture has a much more realistic tone to it. I have tried to put in as much detail as I can into the paintings, creating each piece so that the viewer can relate to it. There are many hidden secrets within each work that hopefully will make the viewing more fun. 
Since my first solo exhibition with Linton and Kay in 2013, I stepped away from gallery work and concentrated my efforts on discovery, new cultures and travelling experiences. This saw me spending the next year outdoors - jumping countries, taking in knowledge as I painted my way around the world and working alongside some of my favourite artists in New Zealand, Indonesia, Melbourne, America and the UK. I’ve driven thousands of kilometres and seen amazing and inspiring sights.

From a painting tour alongside artists Yok and Sheryo in Detroit and NYC to immersing myself in the abandoned suburban red zone of Christchurch’s earthquake torn city with artist Ian Strange. But it has not all been work and travelling, as everyone else can relate to, is amazing.  I currently live and work back in my home town of Perth where my friends and community always can triumph a travel destination. 

The new collection of work shown in Sword and Society is a reflection of where I am today as an artist, solidifying my place and pushing technique and storytelling while acknowledging friends and people of the community are much more inspiring than the untouchables, that story telling through painting creates not only an idea that I want to share but so the viewer can create their own attachment or relationship with the piece. The collection brings a light side of life and enjoyment in our never ending and nothing is impossible imagination.

As I have always said, ‘Create the dream.’ I hope this work inspires wonders and the ability for others to create."