Happy Birthday to us!

Did you know that today marks one year since our Streets of Perth Facebook page first sprang to life? 

12 months, 500+ photos and 53,000 followers later, we'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who follows our page and shares our passion for street art, and especially to all the incredible artists out there who keep us so busy nowadays - our page wouldn't exist without you! 

We're delighted to say that Streets of Perth is now one of Australia's most popular street art appreciation pages on Facebook, and we can also see from our Facebook statistics that around 20,000 of our followers are visiting from other countries - how amazing is that? :)

Below is the photo that started the SoP journey on Facebook - Anya Brock's "Fierce" lady face. It was our first ever post and still one of our all-time favourite murals.

To learn more about how Streets of Perth came to be, check out this great article by Perth-based writer James Chesters: A Guide to Finding the Incredible Every Day