Interview with Stories Out Loud

If you haven't checked out Perth's new Stories Out Loud web series yet, we encourage you to do so as their videos are beautiful! They recently invited us to participate in episode 5 and here is the final result. We were thrilled to be featured and we hope you enjoy our story.

Featured artists: Art Fresco Design / Anya Brock / Fieldey Melski / Paul Deej / Daek WilliamRobert Jenkins / Fintan Magee / Beastman / Vans the Omega / Sarah McCloskey / Brenton See / Stormie Mills / Straker / JXD. 

About Stories Out Loud

Stories Out Loud is a short documentary web series, designed to tell the stories of people who contribute to their community, organisations and businesses in ways that matter and take courage. They aim to inspire and captivate their audience to feel their contribution and ideas are worthwhile and move them to action. Stories Out Loud intends for the series to illuminate ideas, momentum and social change in our community. Many people struggle with moving their ideas into action, and they would like to uncover the personal attributes in those who do, so we can all learn to make the most of our time and ideas.